Plan Documents & Other Services

Wrangle provides clients with well-established, audit-tested plan documents intended to meet the requirements of various federal laws and regulations, most notably, ERISA

All Services prepared by an expert Employee Benefits Representative with over 15 Years of Experience

Our documents are written and reviewed annually by an ERISA attorney. Unlike software-based wraparound document packages, our documents are fully customizable with full review by our employee benefits representative.

There are no Annual or Recurring Fees Associated with these services.

  • One-on-one support is available for each project;
  • Language can be added specific to each client, such as the addition of wellness
    program provisions, Section 1557 Notice, mid-year election changes and more
  • There are no recurring annual fees (we follow ERISA rules on timing of changes)
  • Services available include much more than wraparound documents. We can prepare documents for  Cafeteria plans, self-funded plans and wellness programs. We also run nondiscrimination testing

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We made sure to provide a simple straightforward process that works for the Plan Documents:

First, you request a Plan Worksheet

  1. After receiving the Plan Worksheet, ERISA Desk prepares the customized plan documents ensuring compliance with various Federal laws
  2. ERISA Desk staff is available to answer technical questions
  3. ERISA Desk’s Representative will thoroughly review the drafts before sending to the Broker/Client
  4. The Broker/Client will have an ample amount of time to review drafts and make any changes at no extra fee

The Plan Documents Wrangle uses are reviewed annually or as needed based on changes from the DOL, by an ERISA Attorney

If by chance the client has Plan specific changes, these amendment and SMM services for plan changes will incur a nominal fee.

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The Deliverable:  A Formal Plan Document is produced, complying with ERISA Section 402(a)

This document is to be signed by the plan administrator (plan sponsor) and kept with the sponsor’s permanent records. We also produce a summary plan description (SPD) for distribution to all plan participants (ERISA’s electronic distribution rules apply).

At the time we send you the documents, we also enclose:

  • A cover letter addressed to the plan sponsor describing the content and purpose of the documents;
  • SPD Distribution Guide; and,

Optional Self-Audit Checklist.

SPD Distribution Requirements

  • Within 90 days of initial coverage (i.e. new hires)
  • Within 120 days after the plan is established
  • Every 5 years an updated SPD must be prepared and distributed
  • Upon request

Overview of the SPD:

Answer: The SPD is probably the most important document required by ERISA. The SPD is the main vehicle for communicating plan benefits, rights and obligations to participants and beneficiaries, and it will often be enforced over the plan document, which is typically not disclosed to covered individuals. Since most booklets and EOCs fail to contain all the information required by ERISA, it is important to distribute the SPD to plan participants to bring the booklets into compliance with ERISA’s SPD requirements. The booklet/EOC provided by each insurer or health plan service organization will provide a full description of the plan of benefits, their limitations, and the policyholder’s eligibility rules.

Who is to Receive the SPD Document:

  • Covered employees (but generally not spouses or dependents).
  • Other possible recipients include:
  • COBRA-qualified beneficiaries;
    • Custodial/parent guardians of minor children under a QMCSO;
    • Covered retirees or their covered surviving spouses/dependents.

When to Furnish SPD Documents

  • Within 90 days of initial coverage (i.e. new hires);
  • Within 120 days after the plan is first established;
  • Every 5 years an updated SPD must be prepared and distributed, replacing the prior version;
  • Upon request.

Summary of Material Modification.

Plan Administrators can modify SPDs that are less than five years old by preparing and distributing a Summary of Material Modification (SMM) to plan participants either 210 days after the end of the plan year in which the change is adopted or 60 days (if there is a significant reduction in benefits).