Form 5500 Preparation

The Leading Provider of the Form 5500

Wrangle manages all aspects of the Form 5500 process, from beginning to end. Our experienced team provides the following services.

All services included in one flat-rate fee

  • Health & Wellness Form 5500
  • Trust filings
  • Multiple Employer (MEWA)
  • Delinquent filings (under the DFVC program)
  • Collection of unlimited Schedule A’s from insurance carriers
  • Form 5558 Extensions (if necessary)
  • Amend prior Form 5500 filings
  • Ongoing educational programs to keep you current on the latest compliance news
  • Access to our experienced team to answer all your technical questions
  • Assist with DOL audits

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Wrangle’s team monitors the process for each ERISA Plan that is listed in the Dashboard. When any approaching deadline is on the horizon and action is required, Wrangle will proactively reach out to notify the contact on the account for instructions.

Each Form 5500 File follows the exact four phase cycle that runs every 12 months.

Role 5500 Consultant 5500 Specialist Data Collections
Broker Facing
Data Collections
Carrier Facing
Tasks Personally available for client questions, Form 5500 questions and process questions Reviews, posts and e-files Form 5500s as well as updates for changes. Also prepares extensions (Form 5558) Reviews the eWorksheet and asks questions if necessary Reaches out to Carriers to obtain Schedule As and builds the Form 5500

POD Team Members

POD Name 5500 Consultant 5500 Specialist Data Collections
Broker Facing
Data Collections
Carrier Facing
POD – BATCAT Jennifer Bishop Karyne Bienvenue Sarah Warren Tonya McKay
POD – Rockit Rebecca Lubahn
Janice Dye
Rebecca Lubahn
Janice Dye
Amy Bone Camey Berry
POD – Super Megan Cain Sid Connole Pam Branham Peter Clark
POD – Winner Tiffany Collins Tina Fruitt Michelle Auxier Tracy Escudero
POD – Yeti Michelle Shelton

Tammy Martinez

Michelle Shelton

Tammy Martinez

Julie Berblinger Sam Mar
DFVC POD Mona Engelbrecht Process Support Team Dawn Buchanan Dawn Buchanan

Process Support Team

  • Carol Smith
  • Terry Potter

Our Interactive Broker Dashboard

Login to your broker Dashboard to manage your plan sponsors and view real-time status updates every step of the way.

Our online Dashboard provides 24/7 access so you can:

  • Create, review and edit plan sponsor e-worksheets
  • Generate status reports
  • Review and e-sign your completed Form 5500s