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Wrangle Services

Wrangle uses secure, state of the art software, including a highly effective, proprietary tracking system. This assures timely and accurate Form 5500 Health and Welfare filings.

Wrangle Service Overview

  • Manage the 5500 process from start to finish, including timing and deadlines
  • Gather Schedule As and Cs
  • Prepare signature-ready Form 5500s for e-filing, along with the Summary Annual Report (SAR)
  • E-file on behalf of the client or Assist with E-filing along with the client
  • Handle emergencies
  • Prepare Delinquent Filings and Amended Report Filings
  • Answer Technical Questions
  • Respond to DOL / IRS letters
  • Consult on prospect’s needs
  • Webinar Training on Health and Welfare 5500 reporting and prospecting

Ongoing Broker Training Options

Fact Sheets, Quarterly White Papers, DOL Updates And Email Announcements
Live Training Webinars: Health and Welfare 101, 150 and 201
Informed emails to specific client-based questions

We are available at any time – not just during the 5500 process.