Our ERISA 5500 Process

Our ERISA 5500 Process 2017-01-29T13:56:29+00:00

The Wrangle Process

Operate more efficiently and gain peace of mind

Wrangle uses its proprietary process and experience to manage the Health and Welfare Form 5500 process from start to finish. This allows brokers to focus their time and resources to completing more valuable work for an existing client or obtaining a new client. This eliminates the worry and burden of missing deadlines and replacing staff (turnover).

Our Proven ERISA 5500 Process Produces Results


Wrangle requests Plan Sponsor Worksheet(s) from Broker.


Wrangle diligently collects Schedule A Forms from Carriers. Corresponding as many times as required to obtain correct documents.


Wrangle drafts 5500 and SAR. Sends for review.


Wrangle e-files Form 5500 to the IRS. Wrangle sends the DOL Authorization if required, and then provides the confirmation code to the Broker.

Cycle Runs Every 12 Months

Wrangle’s team monitors the process for each ERISA Plan that is listed in the proprietary database system.

Reviews are conducted on a regular basis to monitor where the ERISA Plan report is within the process. When any approaching deadline is on the horizon and action is required, Wrangle will proactively reach out to notify the contact on the account with instructions.

The timing when the brokers’ submits the various documentation to Wrangle is critical. A domino effect comes into play quickly if there is a delay at any point. We highly recommend starting the process as early as possible. The timeline below provides the ideal targets for all ERISA Plans.

Phase Task By Broker Target
 #1 Email completed Plan Worksheet

Wrangle completes the Form 5500 based on the information in accordance to what is provided in the worksheet. An accurate 5500 starts with an accurate worksheet.

Within 2 months after the end of the ERISA Plan year.
#2 E-mail Carrier Schedules obtained by client & account managers.*

* Wrangle has a team of people collecting the Schedules; however some carriers mandate for data to be delivered solely to the Plan Sponsor.

120 days after the end of the ERISA Plan year
#3 Review, provide needed changes (Wrangle or client) and finalize Within two weeks after Wrangle releases the 5500 draft.
#4 Option 1: Email Wrangle the Authorization to E-file form and signed 5500

Option 2: Have the Client e-file

Don’t Delay! ! Optimally: two weeks before the DOL due date.

* Wrangle’s goal: to release the prepared 5500 and SAR approximately one month after receiving complete data.